Meet the new Board of Directors for the FLOQ

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As the new competition season is upon us, our new Board of Directors has been elected by members of the Quebec wrestling community and will be available to represent us at both the provincial and national level:

President: Jean François Daviau (Independant)

Vice-President: Peter Montour (Mohawk Wrestling Club)

Secretary: Sylvain Luneau (Lutte Elite Soulanges CrazyDogs)

Treasurer: David Zilberman (Concordia University)

Director of Coaches: Dominique Choquette (Club de lutte les Patriotes)

Director of Officials: Tony Ronci (Tritton Top Team)

Director of Athletes: Jordan Steen (Montreal Wrestling Club)

The meeting is about to begin

Here is a little information about your new board of directors:

President: Jean François Daviau  

Jean-François is a succesful business man who has produced many shows in conjunction with both the city of Montreal and private enterprise, Jean-François brings a fresh perspective as well as wealth of experience in business to the FLOQ.  Fresh off staging the Urban Games, the future for our new president looks bright


Vice-President: Peter Montour  

The longtime coach of KSS, Peter Montour has served successfully as the Vice-President of the FLOQ for many years.  Now starting two new wrestling club (Howard S. Billings and the Mohawk Wrestling Club), Peter enjoyed success at this year's U17-U19 Canadian National Championships with a Bronze Medal and four Top 6 finishers.  Peter will provide a stabalizing force to the FLOQ.


Secretary: Sylvain Luneau  

Coach of the Club de Lutte Elite Soulanges CrazyDogs, Sylvain is a newcomer to the FLOQ scene.  Sylvain's strength lies with business and management and maintains friendly relations with many members in the Quebec wrestling community.  Sylvain will also bring a fresh perspective to the FLOQ Board of Directors.


Treasurer: David Zilberman  

A 2008 Olympian and coach of the Concordia Stingers Wrestling Team, David's experience in high performance wrestling and coaching will be a valuable asset to the FLOQ Board of Directors.  David's experience in governance is extensive as he's also served on the Board of Directors at the Sylvan Adam's YM-YWHA.


Director of Coaches: Dominique Choquette  

Coach of the Patriotes de St-Cesaire and the former Vice-President of Competitions, Dominique has served in the past with distinction on the FLOQ board. Elected by the coaching body of the eligible coaches in the province, Dominique will bring his experience and enthusiasm to his new role.


Director of Officials: Tony Ronci  

A National Level A referee, Tony is the former Vice-President of the Quebec Officials Association.  Tony has a wealth of experience in business as well as wrestling as he was former CIS Bronze medalist and now coaches at the Tritton Wrestling Club.  Tony's experience in these diverse areas will be an asset to the FLOQ Board of Directors.


Director of Athletes: Jordan Steen  

Jordan Steen was elected by the voting athletes of the province to represent them.  Jordan is a 2019 National Team member and has won many medals both nationally and internationally and is a strong candidate to represent the athletes.  In bewtween his studies, Jordan is one of the coaches for Loyola High school and will look to bring this experience to the FLOQ.


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