Results from the 2019 Eastern Canadian Wrestling Festival

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Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire at the Opening Ceremonies

The 2019 Eastern Canadian Wrestling Festival finished off this past weekend with Quebec performing extremely well at the competition.  Designed as an introduction to National Level competition, the tournament features wrestlers from the Bantam age group and lower from the Eastern part of Canada (Ontario and all the Eastern provinces east).  Quebec sent athletes from CLIC, the Kanienkehaka Tehontatienas Mohawk Wrestling Club, KSS, the Riverdale Wrestling Club, Screaming Eagle and the Patriotes de St-Cesaire with some excellent results.

Kaylie Shiwprasad: Eastern Canadian Champion!

From the Kanienkehaka Tehontatienas Mohawk Wrestling Club in the Bantam Boys division, Nick Elliot would place 5th at 60.5 kg while Lucas Styres (38.5 kg) would take home a Silver Medal.

Lucas Styres: Silver Medalist!

Competing for the Riverdale Wrestling Club, Kaylie Shiwprasad wrestling in the Bantam Girls 59.3 kg division took home a Gold Medal while the results from the Patriotes de St-Cesaire were the following:

Loïc Rainville with the shoulder throw

In the Novice Girls division, Camille Préfontaine (24.6 kg) and Éloïse Massé (29.5 kg) both won Bronze medals while Éléonore Lacasse (32.6 kg) took home a Silver medal.  In the Novice boys division, Ionas Priftakis (31.7 kg) would finish 5th while Malik Ostiguy (39.1 kg) would win Bronze.  Finally, Loïc Rainville would win Gold at 28.9 kg.

Malik Ostiguy with the Silver Medal

In the Kid division (Boys), Raphaël Sonier (48.5 kg) would finish 5th while Étienne Fortier (42.2 kg) would finish 4th.  Finally, Jérémy Préfontaine (35.3 kg), Ézékiel  Germain (37.7 kg) and Gabriel Massé (48.8 kg) would all win Gold medals in their respective division.

In the Bantam Girls division, Rose Forgues (48.9 kg) would win Silver while in the Bantam Boys division, les Patriotes would finish off with four Gold Medals with Cazian Comeau-Elman (36.9 kg), Lestate Germain (40.6 kg), Nathan Rainville (49 kg) and Jacob Jutras (50.9 kg) all taking home the honours with Justin Fortier (50.9 kg) finishing 4th.  In addition to this, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire finished off as the number two team at the tournament out of forty-six other total clubs!  Congratulations to all our young Quebec athletes this weekend!

Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire should be proud of their accomplishments!


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