Three tournaments to end off February

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The month of February finished off with a bang as the three tournaments were held on the final weekend.  The U-Sport Nationals were held at the University of Calgary in Alberta as Concordia University sent a strong team of Men and Women to compete in hopes of capturing U-Sport Gold.  Accompanied by Coaches Victor and David Zilberman, the results were quite strong after the two days of competition.

Men's Wrestling

Dajinder Singh 65 kg
Loss vs. C. McNeice (Calgary) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs T. Kato (U. of Western) by Technical Fall (13-2)
Win vs. K. Mills (Alberta) by Technical Fall (12-2)
Win vs. J. Risto (Saskatchewan) by Technical Fall (11-0)
Final Result  Bronze Medal


Francis Carter 68 kg
Win vs. C. Quinton (McMaster) by Fall (3:48)
Win vs. A. Mfonpa`re Nt (Lakehead) by Fall (3:48)
Win vs. D. Williams (Fraser Valley) by Decision (Dec 11-2)
Final Result  Gold Medal


Aron Orzack 76 kg
Win vs. A. Richer (Lakehead) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Loss vs. J. Balfour (Brock) by Decision (7-2)
Win vs. A. McKeage (Alberta) by Injury Forfeit
Win vs. C. McNeice (Calgary) by Decision (5-4)
Final Result  Bronze Medal


Sam Barmish 82 kg
Win vs. B. Ambo (Western) by Technical Fall (14-4)
Win vs. J. Klinger (Saskatchewan) by Fall (1:37)
Win vs. N. Golenice (Alberta) by Decision (8-3)
Loss vs. T. Bridgewater (Brock) by Decision (12-12)
Final Result  Silver Medal


Alex Moore 90 kg
Win vs. S. Benning (Fraser Valley) by Fall (2:56)
Win vs. C. Goodfellow (Toronto) by Fall (2:52)
Win vs. C. Pye (Brock) by Decision (11-4)
Win vs. H. Lee (Saskatchewan) by Technical Fall (12-0)
Final Result  Gold Medal


Jordan Steen 100​ kg
Win vs. J. Reinhart (Guelph) by Decision (3-1)
Win vs. L. Graham (Saskatchewan) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. J. Jacobs (Calgary) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. R. DesChatelets (Brock) by Technical Fall (11-0)
Final Result  Gold Medal


Frederique Choquette 120​ kg
Win vs. A. Parker (Western) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. K. Langford (Saskatchewan) by Fall (2:31)
Win vs. C. Daum (Brock) by Fall (2:44)
Loss vs. B. Hildenbrandt (Fraser Valley) by Decision (7-6)
Final Result  Silver Medal


Final Teams Standings Men
Place School Points
1. Brock Univeristy  83
2. Concordia University 58
3. University of Alberta 52
4. University of Saskatchewan 41
5. Fraser Valley 37
6. University of Calgary 34
7. McMaster University 34
8. Guelph University 23
9. Lakehead University 23
10. University of Western Ontario 22
11. Queens University 6
12. York University 6
13. Algoma University 5
14. University of Toronto 1


Women's Wrestling

Kaleigh Prieur 48 kg
Loss vs. C. Espinosa (Fraser Valley) by Decision (4-1)
Win vs. C. Grafe (Western) by Decision (1-0)
Loss vs. N. Lu (Guelph) by Decision (4-0)
Win vs. L. Stinellis (McMaster) by Decision (3-2)
Final Result  5th place


Jade Dufour 51 kg
Win vs. F. Taj  (Alberta) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. C. Refenach (McMaster) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. R. Tubaro (Algoma) by Fall (4:26)
Win vs. T. McLaren (Brock) by 3 Cautions
Final Result  Gold Medal


Kaya Dubé-Snow 55 kg
Loss vs. E. Schaefer (Brock) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Loss vs. L. Kudrinko (Queens) by Fall (5:16)
Loss vs. A. Wiebe (Fraser Valley) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. T. Blanchard (UNB) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Final Result  7th place


Laurence Beauregard 59 kg
Loss vs. J. Steffler (Western) by Technical Fall (11-0)
Win vs. E. Parker (Saskatechewan) by Fall (5:47)
Win vs. K. Paquette (Alberta) by Technical Fall (11-0)
Loss vs. A. Bellavia (Calgary) by Decision (13-10)
Final Result  4th place


Amanda Savard 67 kg
Win vs. D. Persson (Calgary) by Fall (1:41)
Win vs. J. Vanderslagt (McMaster) by Fall (2:14)
Win vs. M. Haney (Saskatchewan) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. H. Heffel (Alberta) by Decision (5-1)
Final Result  Gold Medal


Geneviève Lamarche 72​ kg
Loss vs. D. Sterling (Brock) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. S. Summach (Calgary) by Decision (5-4)
Win vs. R. Zach (Toronto) by Technical Fall (10-0)
Win vs. E. Olson (Alberta) by Decision (6-0)
Final Result  Bronze Medal


Final Teams Standings Women
Place School Points
1. Brock Univeristy  53
2. University of Saskatchewan 48
3. Concordia University 37
4. University of Calgary 33
5. University of Alberta 29
6. Guelph University 23
7. Lakehead University 23
8. Fraser Valley 21
9. University of Western Ontario 17
10. McMaster University 7
11. Queens University 6
12. York University 6
13. Algoma University 4
14. University of New Brunswick 2
15. University of Toronto 1


Congratulations to all our Concordia athletes on their excellent season.  Some personal highs were achieved this weekend as all the hard work put in has paid off.  Now on to the Junio-Senior Nationals!

Amanda Savard


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