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On Monday, the 18th of February, Radio Canada released an article detailing the suspension of the FLOQ (Fédération Lutte Olympique de Québec) or the Quebec Wrestling Federation.  The article in question contained details of the suspension as well as some details of certain people implicated.  Since the matter is not closed at this point in time and new details are constantly coming up, this article will not be making a comment or a rebuttal.  Needless to say, the article generated a lot of questions amongst the wrestling community both here in Quebec and across Canada, with many people asking about what was going on with the Government and the Federation.  

While people tend to focus more on the negative aspects, others choose to point out the things that are going right.  The following is a response from a parent of wrestler in Quebec after the article was shared on the 49north Facebook page.

(Translated from French)

Carole Boyer: Sincerely, the CBC should be ashamed to publish an article on such a disrespectful tone on the backs of such exceptional people ... I am sure that it must be the case of several sports federations that to be represented by a limited circle of people, given the problem of the limited number of members and athletes that are included ..... The world of the Olympic wrestling is indeed extremely small, it is a family where everyone knows each other where there would always be an appearance of conflict of interest, no matter who would sit in the Federation (Should we see conspiracies everywhere? In what world do we live in?) ..... And personally, I want that my sons who are wrestlers are represented by the best people who know and are the best at being able to evaluate the potential and the needs of the athletes of Quebec, in all objectivity. These people have the best intentions in the world for athletes from Quebec, wanting to lead them as far as possible and as many athletes as possible, in preparation for the major championships, to represent, not only Quebec, but Canada around the world. Athletes from across Canada and around the world come to those hyper-qualified people you mentioned, because these people are in the best qualified to make our athletes the best in the world. These people constantly see the well-being of athletes, putting aside their personal lives ...... They are generous and dedicated to their sport who think of athletes, caring about them, seeing every detail, ranging from counseling them to dress more warmly to avoid injury, advising them to eat real food so that they are healthy and to avoid all forms of doping, and sometimes, throwing out parents who can sometimes become too emotional and aggressive to protect and defend the athlete ... Also, taking, according to their experience, difficult decisions for the best possible development of the athlete .... (my son was put away from a competition that he coveted ..... to come back stronger and become Canadian champion, a few weeks later!) Really, people with expertise, with beautiful values ​​that deserve our respect and who deserve all the positions that they occupy. I wish for my sons that they have the best coaches and representatives at all levels. In terms of variable membership, this is easily explained by the late registration of young people from elementary and secondary schools who decide to try to compete after a trial period of wrestling at their school (as was the case with my younger son) ... There's nothing to whip a cat! (the provincial championships are in February ... many will do a competition or 2, in January or February, just before ...) Let's not kill the sport .... It's thanks to these people who have the generosity of to get involved that there is still the Olympic spirit in Quebec. The department should think of supporting them more .....

An emergency meeting was held to adress these issues


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