The results from the 2019 GMAA Wrestling Championships

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The 2019 GMAA high school wrestling season finished up with GMAA Finals held at Heritage Regional High School.  The comeptition was larger this year and as a result was held on three mats.  Loyola High School was aiming to retain their championship banner amongst the boys while KSS tried to stave off a challenge from Beurling Academy on the girls side.  After a long day of wrestling which featured some very entertaining matches, Loyola was once again crowned GMAA Champions for the boys and Beurling Academy were GMAA Champions for the girls.  The Outstanding Wrestler from the Boys competion was Stone Lewis of Heritage Regional High School and the Outstanding Wrestler from the Girls was Sarah Black of Beurling Academy.  Congratulations to all our high school athletes and see you next season!

  Medal Winners Boys  
  Gold Silver Bronze
79 lbs Kyan Sabapathy LOY Lucas Styres BRHS Cordell Johnson MVHS
87 lbs Logan Suh LOY Lestate Germain ESPGO Bryce Rooney LOY
95 lbs Julian Tasca LOY Inaki Sastron-Navette LOY Beau Dillen Peterson HRHS
103 lbs Nathan Rainville ESPGO Peter Griffin LOY Cody Lapierre MVHS
111 lbs Nicholas Saldanha LOY Maxence Blanchard MVHS Justin Boomhower SHS
119 lbs Jacob Jutras ESPGO Luca Lacroix LOY Wyatt Patch MVHS
126 lbs Devan Glover BA Nathatan Germain ESPGO Mathys Castonguay HRHS
132 lbs Connor Rooney LOY Elio Cariglia LOY Joshua Roberts LOY
138 lbs Charles Blanchard MVHS Andrew Boyer LOY Jacob Gougeon HRHS
145 lbs Marcello Tedeschi VMC Nicholas Kaufman SHS Zack Martin KSS
153 lbs Stone Lewis HRHS Gabriel Millette BA Anthony Manna VMC
163 lbs Yann Heymug ESPGO David Collins JRHS Raphael Hardy ESPGO
175 lbs Émile Forgues ESPGO Brady Cadotette Gilson JRHS Zacahry Gauthier LOY
189 lbs Mathis Rainville ESPGO Nick Bates MVHS Nicholas Franco LOY
210 lbs  Luca Francisciello VMC Tharonhienhawihtha Cross KSS Jack Iaononne HRHS
HWT Chriss Barkhouse MVHS Nicholas Cross LOY Jordan Messier MVHS

Final Standings: Boys

1. Loyola High School 80 pts

2. École Secondaire Paul-Germain-Ostiguy 54 pts

3. Massey Vanier High School 48 pts

4. Heritage Regional High School 27 pts

5. Vincent Massey Collegiate 25 pts

6. Selwyn House 22 pts

7. John Rennie High School 19 pts

8. Kahnawake Survival School 11 pts

9. Beurling Academy 8 pts

10. Howard S. Billings 4 pts

MVP: Stone Lewis HRHS

Stone Lewis

  Medal Winners Girls  
  Gold Silver Bronze
95 lbs Georgia Agapitos VMC Emma Carty BA
103 lbs Rose Forgues ESPGO Charlie Masse MVHS
111 lbs Makesha Walker BA Jordyn Goodleaf KSS
119 lbs Alexandra Macdonald-Neves VMC Krissia Cruikshank BA
126 lbs Sabrina Montour HRHS Esther Forbes HRHS Madison Montour BRHS 
132 lbs Sarah Black BA Tieosa:Tonteh Diabo KSS Inara Bardai BRHS
145 lbs Sabrina Batista HRHS Sasha Malette BA
153 lbs Claudine Laperle MVHS Cierra Monacco JRHS
163 lbs Jade Swan BA
175 lbs Tatum Lago BA
189 lbs Alicia Sayers BA
HWT Madison Rose-Montour KSS Alyssa Leblanc BA

Final Standings: Girls

1. Beurling Academy 19 pts

2. KSS 12 pts

3. Heritage Regional High School 10 pts

4. Vincent Massey Collegiate 9 pts

5. Howard S. Billings 6 pts

5. Massey Vanier High School 6 pts

6. École Secondaire Paul-Germain-Ostiguy 4 pts

7. John Rennie High School 2 pts

MVP: Sarah Black BA

Sarah Black

School Abbreviations:  
Beurling Academy BA
Heritage Regional High School HRHS
Howard S. Billings BRHS
John Rennie High School JRHS
Kahnawake Survival School KSS
Loyola High School LOY
Massey Vanier High School MVHS
École Secondaire Paul-Germain-Ostiguy ESPGO
Selwyn House SHS
Vincent Massey Collegiate VMC

Beurling Academy: GMAA Champions




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