Geneviève Lamarche receives an award from the CTSQ

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Concordia wrestler Geneviève Lamarche was awarded the Athletic Therapy Award of Excellence from Concordia University for the year 2018.  The award was created to recognize outsanding students in the Athletic Therapy program and who have at least completed two years of full time study.  For Geneviève to receive this award for academic achievement, all the while juggling her training as a varsity athlete is an accomplishment in itself.  Congratulations Geneviève and best of luck for the rest of the season!

For more information on the Athletic Therapy Award of Excellence, click here.

Geneviève Lamarche receives her award (Photo property of Concordia University)

Geneviève Lamarche and Max (Photo property of Concordia University)

(Photo property of Concordia University)

(Photo property of Concordia University)




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