Results from the 2018 York Open

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The York Open tournament took place on Saturday November 17 at York University in Toronto Ontario.  CLIC, Concordia University, the Montreal YMHA and Vanier College sent wrestlers to the event with the following results.

Guseyn Ruslanzada

Wrestling for CLIC Keila Silva won the Gold Medal at the 82 kg Women's division while from Concordia University, Jade Dufour and Kaya Dube-Snow took the Gold and Silver medals in the 51 kg category. At the 67 kg Women's division, Amanda Savard would win Gold to round out the results for the Concordia Women. Wrestling for the Concordia Men, Sam Garland (72 kg) and Sam Barmish (82 kg) would both win Bronze medals in their respective divisions while Frederique Choquette would win Gold at 120 kg.

Aly Barghout with the crossed-ankles

For the Montreal YMHA, Jayd Davis would win Gold at the 55 kg Womens divison while wrestling for the men, Trevor Banks (54 kg) Jeremy Poirier (100 kg) and Aly Barghout (120 kg) would win Silver medals.  Finishing off with Gold medals were Vincent De Marinis (68 kg) and Guseyn Ruslanzada (76 kg).

Vincent De Marinis gets congratulated at the end of his match

Finally, the last Quebec club to participate at the tournament was Vanier College. Brayden Todd (57 kg) would finish off with a Silver medal while Julien Choquette (90 kg) would finish off in 5th place.

The York Open turned out to be a tough tournament, with athletes coming in from many of the Canadian Universities across the country.  Congratulations to our Quebec athletes this past weekend.




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