Results from the U-23 World Championships (Men's Freestyle)

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Alex Moore with the win over Uphar Sharma

Our last Quebec athlete, Alex Moore (86 kg) would begin his tournament three days afterwards on Saturday November 17th against Saba Chiklhradze from Georgia. After a tense match, Alex would score 2 points in the last twenty seconds off a duck-under to walk away with the victory by points with a score of 6-5.

Alex Moore vs. Saba Chiklhradze

Alex would next face Yeskali Dauletkazy of Kazakhstan.  In this match, Alex would take a commanding lead (10-6) before winning via Fall at 0:14 mark of period number two. In the quarterfinals, Alex would run into a wall in the form of Russian Artur Naifonov of Russia. Alex would put up a good fight but lose via Technical Superiority by a score of 11-0.

Alex Moore vs. Yeskali Dauletkazy

Alex Moore vs. Artur Naifonov

Naifonov would advance to the Gold Medal Finals, thereby ensuring that Alex would move on the repechage versus Uphar Sharma of India. In this match, Alex would lose the first 2 points but come back strong, winning the match by Technical Superiority (12-2) thanks to some well timed leg attacks and the crossed-ankles technique par-terre. Alex would next face Murad Suleymanov from Azerbaijan for the Bronze medal. 

Alex Moore vs. Uphar Sharma

In the Bronze medal final, Alex would start the match off strong but would eventually lose by Technical Superiority (10-0).  Despite this tough loss, Alex improves from his 7th place finish at last year's Junior World Championships and looked very strong and resilient throughout most of the tournament.  Alex also becomes the highest placer on the Canadian Men's team.  Congratulations Alex and good luck in your upcoming season.

Alex Moore vs. Murad Suleymanov


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