Quebec hosts its first Beach Wrestling Event

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The first Beach Wrestling demonstration was held on Saturday August 11th 2018.  Organized by Luc Lauzon, Tony Ronci and Sylvain Luneau with the participation of the Crazy Dogs Wrestling Club, the Thailong Wrestling Club and members of the Triton Performance/Harley Muay Thai club, the demonstration was held at the picturesque Plage St-Zotique in St-Zotique, Quebec.  The demonstration also featured techiques and a clinic done by Montreal YMHA/Thailong Wrestling Club coach Noel Tremblay.  

A modest beginning with hopefully a bright future!

What a nice venue to host a wrestling event!

(From right to left) Noel Tremblay, Sylvain Luneau, Tony Ronci and Luc Lauzon

In addition to this, matches were done beach side, designed with the goal of educating and informing the public on the sport of wrestling.  Though not strictly beach wrestling in its truest form, the goal was to show and develop freestyle wrestling.  The idea itself is the first of its kind in our province and should therefore stand out in distinction.  The event hosted a varied number of experienced athletes as participants from the United States circa Boston and Idaho as well Canadians (Windsor Ontario and various parts of Alberta and of course Quebec) paricipated.  The event was therfore a resounding success as both new particpants and specatators emerged with a newfound appreciation for the sport.  

Fun with members of the community, the coaches and their families

In addtion to this, the administrators at the beach were very keen and expressed interest at holding and promoting the event for the next year.  A special thanks goes to the organizers Luc,Tony and Sylvain for their efforts in putting this together as an event of this magnitude requires a lot of work and passion to succeed.  Here's hoping that the even will continue on in the following years and continue to grow in the future.

Coach Noel Tremblay demonstrating a tecnique to two eager learners 

The first group of participants

Let the matches begin!


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