Day 1 from the 2018 U-Sports Nationals

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The U-Sport Wrestling Nationals began their day competition day on Friday February 23rd at Alogma University in Sault St-Marie.  Concordia came into the tournament with many hopefuls on the Mens and Womens side though some were competing in their very first U-Sport Nationals.  The tournament featured many of the top wrestlers from across Canada at the University level so the competition level promised to be very high.  On the Womens side, Concordia had Jade Dufour (51 kgs), Kaya Dubé-Snow (55 kgs), Laurence Beauregard (59 kgs), Christina Corencova (63 kgs), Amanda Savard (67 kgs) and Geneviève Lamarche (72 kgs).  The results for Day One were as follows:

Jade Dufour vs. A. Wiebe: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Jade Dufour vs. K. Mc Laren: Loss via Technical Fall (11-0)

Jade Dufour will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face G. Chambers (Calgary Dinos)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Kaya Dubé-Snow vs. C. Sicard: Loss via Technical Fall (10-0)

Kaya Dubé-Snow vs. K. Godinez: Loss via Technical Fall (10-0)

Kaya Dubé-Snow vs. F. Sandboe: Loss via Technical Fall (10-0)

Kaya Dubé-Snow finishes off in 7th place

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Laurence Beauregard vs. H. Little: Win via Fall

Laurence Beauregard vs. M Rowbottom: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Laurence Beauregard vs. H. Taylor: Loss via Decision (9-0)

Laurence Beauregard will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face K. Paquette (Alberta Pandas)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Christina Corencova vs. B. Johnson: Win via Decision (4-1)

Christina Corencova vs. A. Godinez : Loss via Technical Fall (10-0)

Christina Corencova vs. N. Noroodian: Win via Decision (6-4)

Christina Corencova will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face H. Hefel (Alberta Pandas)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Amanda Savard vs. I Moores: Loss via Decision (3-0)

Amanda Savard vs. O Cirillo: Win via Fall 

Amanda Savard vs. M. Fendelet: Win via Decision (10-4)

Amanda Savard will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face J. Thebeau (UNB Varsity Reds)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Geneviève Lamarche vs. S. Summach: Loss via Decision (6-0)

Geneviève Lamarche vs. A. Gravelle: Win via Fall

Geneviève Lamarche vs. B. Perry: Loss via Decision (8-0)

Geneviève Lamarche will wrestle for 5th and face C. Lans (York Lions)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

On the Mens side, the team was nearly complete as all but the first two weight cateories were filled on the roster.  The Concordia Men were favoured to do well at the tournament and the result from Day One showed this.  On the Mens Team, Dylan Mclean (61 kgs), Vince De Marinis (65 kgs), Francis Carter (68 kgs), Guseyn Ruslanzada (72 kgs), Aron Orszack (76 kgs), Samuel Barmish (82 kgs), Alex Moore (90 kgs), Jordan Steen (100 kgs) and Frederique Choquette (125 kgs) represented Concordia and the results  were as follows:

Dylan Mclean vs. J. Bodnarchuk: Loss via Technical Fall (14-3)

Dylan Mclean vs. E. Uznovic: Loss via Technical Fall (14-3)

Dylan Mclean vs. J. Zimroz: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Dylan Mclean will wrestle for 5th and face K. Leatherdale (Lakehead Thunderwolves)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Vince De Marinis vs. P. Shannon: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Vince De Marinis vs. D. Larkin: Win via Technical Fall (11-1)

Vince De Marinis vs. M. Tamaradze: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Vince De Marinis will advance to the Gold Medal Final and face L. Hoffert (Regina Cougars)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Francis Carter vs. B. Davis: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Francis Carter vs. N. Schmidt: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Francis Carter vs. M. Kent: Win via Technical Fall (13-2)

Francis Carter will advance to the Gold Medal Final and face M. Jagas (Brock Badgers)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Guseyn Ruslanzada vs. M. Peterson: Win via Fall

Guseyn Ruslanzada vs. C. Rutner: Win via Decision (12-6)

Guseyn Ruslanzada vs. C. Manning: Loss via Technical Fall (11-0)

Guseyn Ruslanzada will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face C. Mc Niece (Calgary Dinos)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Aron Orszack vs. A. McKeage: Loss via Technical Fall (15-4)

Aron Orszack vs. B. Zahra: Loss via Decision (6-3)

Aron Orszack vs. J. Fayad: Win via Technical Fall (12-2)

Aron Orszack will wrestle for 5th and face D. Williams (Fraser Valley Cascades)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Samuel Barmish vs. N. Bertholet: Win via Technical Fall (12-0)

Samuel Barmish vs. T. Bridgewater: Loss via Decision (5-3)

Samuel Barmish vs. P. Shirley: Win via Fall

Samuel Barmish will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face D. Humphrey (Guelph Gryphons)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Alex Moore vs. J. Luczak: Loss via Fall

Alex Moore vs. C. Brinker: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Alex Moore vs. A. Hendrickson: Win via Technical Fall (12-0)

Alex Moore will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face H. Lee (Saskatchewan Huskies)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Jordan Steen vs. S. MacLellan: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Jordan Steen vs. J. Reinhart: Win via Decision (8-1)

Jordan Steen vs. B. Asala: Win via Technical Fall (10-0)

Jordan Steen will advance to the Gold Medal Final and face W. Decoteau (Regina Cougars)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)

Frederique Choquette vs. K. Langford: Win via Fall

Frederique Choquette vs. A. Aghamirian: Win via Decision (9-1)

Frederique Choquette vs. B. Hildenbrandt: Loss via Decision (10-5)

Frederique Choquette will advance to the Bronze Medal Final and face J. Tholl (Regina Cougars)

(Photo property of Jason Chen)


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