The GMAA Finals 2018

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The 2018 GMAA Wrestling season finished this past Thursday February 15th at the Kanawhake Survival School.  Ten schools took part in the championships after a long season that saw Loyola High School finish off in first with 18 points in the Boys League and KSS finishing in first for the Girls with 12 points.  The tournament is held in a traditional format (brackets and round-robins) with wrestlers being seeded in each weight division.  The top six teams for the regular season are awarded additional points in addition to any medals that they win which contributes to the overall point total.  The team with the most points wins the Championships for the year.  After a long day of wrestling, the finalists from each division met in the Gold Medal finals with some very good matches amongst the Boys and Girls.  The results were as follows:

Boys 79 lbs

Gold Nathan Rainville (ESPGO)

Silver Thomas Donnelly (LOY)

Bronze Hugo Bozzato (LOY)

Boys 87 lbs

Gold Peter Griffin (LOY)

Boys 95 lbs

Gold Matthew Brodeur (LOY)

Silver Anonkwaienton Delormier (KSS)

Bronze Luca Volpato (JRHS)

4th Jameel Douglas Carrero (BA)

5th Josh Lynch (BA)

6th Bruce Nadeau (VMC)

Matthew Brodeur sprawls on Anonkwaienton Delormier

Boys 103 lbs

Gold Nathan Germain (ESPGO)

Silver Nicholas Saldanha (LOY)

Bronze Nourelddein Elmoji (BA)

4th Nicholas Cadot (JRHS)

5th Nicholas Banaco (JRHS)

Boys 111 lbs

Gold Connor Rooney (LOY)

Silver Rudolph Leahu (LOY)

Bronze Robert Emblem (LOY)

4th Julian Baxendale (LOY)

5th Connor Bagshaw (LOY)

6th Jordan Assali (LOY)

Connor Rooney with the victory

Boys 119 lbs

Gold Deven Glover (BA)

Silver Elio Cariglia (LOY)

Bronze Shakanikonraketskwas Deer (KSS)

4th Atsenhananha Horn (KSS)

Deven Glover with the crossed-ankles attempt

Boys 126 lbs

Gold Charles Blanchard (MVHS)

Silver Simon Gaudrault (ESPGO)

Bronze Joshua Roberts (LOY)

4th Dylan Standup (KSS)

Boys 132 lbs

Gold Jonathan Chevrier (LOY)

Silver Davion Costner (HRHS)

Bronze Giuseppe Cianflone (LOY)

4th Nicholas DeCourcy Ireland (SHS)

Boys 138 lbs

Gold Stone Lewis (HRHS)

Silver Jonah Cantelon (MVHS)

Bronze Kevin Griffin (LOY)

4th Baaz Singh Sahota (BA)

5th David Ballard (LOY)

6th Brendon Cushin (JRHS)

Stone Lewis receives his MVP

Boys 145 lbs

Gold Yann Hemug Ewodo (ESPGO)

Silver Gabriel Mellette (BA)

Bronze Milton Moukas (SHS)

4th Vincent Renaud (VMC)

5th Liam Wozny (LOY)

6th Matthew D'Argenio (VMC)

Yann Hemug Ewodo takes down Gabriel Mellete

Boys 153 lbs

Gold David Collins (JRHS)

Silver David Mancini (LOY)

Bronze Dustin Sherrer (MVHS)

4th Faizan Ahmed (BA)

5th Luke Kalaydjian (SHS)

6th Anthony Manna (VMC)

David Collins with a hard-fought win over David Mancini

Boys 163 lbs

Gold Angus Scott (SHS)

Silver Raphael Hardy (ESPGO)

Bronze Zachary Gauthier (LOY)

4th Antoine Cote (ESDM)

5th Cole Griffin (LOY)

6th Nico Turtin Corbet (BA)

Angus Scott with the pin on Raphael Hardy

Boys 175 lbs

Gold Paris Thomas (LOY)

Silver Sean Watson (SHS)

Bronze Donato Lepore (VMC)

4th Gtharonhienhauitha Cross (KSS)

5th Herson Keon Ha Son (BA)

6th Sam Charette (SHS)

Paris Thomas goes for the crossed ankles

Boys 189 lbs

Gold Mathis Rainville (ESPGO)

Silver Nick Bates (MVHS)

Bronze Brady Cadorette (JRHS)

4th Michael Di Fiore (LOY)

5th Joshua Girard (BA)

Mathis Rainville takes down Nick Bates

Boys 210 lbs

Gold  Chase Brascoup (KSS)

Silver Dean  Brascoup (KSS)

Bronze Luca Francischiello (VMC)

4th Kaionhatenion Jacobs-Cross (KSS) 

5th Nicholas Cross (LOY)

6th Raphael Grifo (SHS)

Chase Brascoup defends against Luca Francischiello in the semi-finals

Boys HWT

Gold Tehatokentha McComber (KSS)

Silver Chris Barkhouse (MVHS)

Bronze Ashton Nolan (BA)

Girls 87 lbs

Gold Zia Turbide (HRHS)

Silver Yakosahusatat Mccomber (KSS)

Girls 95 lbs

Gold Sara White (KSS)

Silver Kailey Williams (BA)

Girls 103 lbs

Gold Jordyn Goodleaf (KSS)

Silver Faatimah Douglas (BA)

Bronze Kawentontia Pinsonneault (KSS)

Girls 111 lbs

Gold Makesha Walker (BA)

Silver Kawennihtakhe Norton (KSS)

Bronze Sabrina Montour (HRHS)

Girls 119 lbs

Gold Alexandra Macdonald-Neves (VMC)

Silver Iawentase Pinsoneault (KSS)

Bronze Krissia Watson-Kruickshank (BA)

Alexandra Macdonald-Neves with the front headlock 

Girls 126 lbs

Gold Sarah Black (BA)

Silver Trinity Jacobs (KSS)

Bronze WInter Goodleaf (KSS)

Sarah Black named MVP for the Girls

Girls 132 lbs

Gold Teitsatohnted Diabo (KSS)

Silver Meagan Riley (BA)

Teitsatohnted Diabo looks to pin

Girls 138 lbs

Gold Camille Dubuc (ESPGO)

Girls 145 lbs

Gold Alessandra Laurieri (VMC)

Girls 153 lbs

Gold Desreen Cornell (HRHS)

Silver Cierra Monico (JRHS)

Desreen Cornell with the pin

Girls 163 lbs

Gold Stella McComber (KSS)

Silver Alicia Rodriguez-Sayers (BA)

Stella McComber with the hipsag on Alicia Rodriguez-Sayers

Girls 175 lbs

Gold Jade Swan (BA)

Silver Kya Hemlock (KSS)

Jade Swan looks to pin from the hipsag

Girls 189 lbs

Gold Wenhniseriiostha Goodleaf (KSS)

Girls 210 lbs

Gold Tatum Leggo (BA)

In the end, both KSS and Loyola repeated as the league champions for the GMAA 2018 season.  Sara Black was named as the MVP for the Girls while Stone Lewis was named as the MVP for the boys.  Congratulations to Loyola and KSS!  Looking forward to the upcoming season!

GMAA Girls Champions KSS

GMAA Boys Champions Loyola


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