Three tournaments for Quebec athletes this weekend

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Quebec athletes had another busy weekend in the new year as three tournaments were held for athletes at the various levels.  The AUS (Atlantic University Sport) qualification for the U-Sports Wrestling Nationals, the Milton Aldershot Tussle held in Milton Ontario and the Norm Bujold Rumble in Renfrew Ontario.  

For the AUS, Concordia qualified all members of their team in the Men and Women divisions on Friday the 9th of February and will wrestle at the U-Sports Nationals .  The tournament will be held on February 23-24 at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie with the Concordia Women ranked 10th in the country as a team and the Concordia Men at 3rd respectively.  Alex Moore and Jordan Steen head into the tournament as Concordia's highest ranked wrestlers on the Mens side (both ranked number 1 at 90 kgs and 100 kgs respectively) while Jade Dufour is Concodia's highest ranked women (number 2 at 51 kgs).

Also on Friday, Heritage Regional High School, the Montreal YMHA and Vanier College sent athletes to the Milton Aldershot Tussle.  From Heritage Regional High School, Stone Lewis (64 kgs) won Gold while from the Montreal YMHA, Junior Iordache (51 kgs), Marius Samson (57.5 kgs) and Nicolae Grandrabura (61 kgs) also won Gold in their respective divisions.  Jason Luneau (57.5 kgs) and Antonio Iordache (72 kgs) won Silver Medals in their divisions to round out the results for the Montreal YMHA.  Finally from Vanier College, Nataël Lebrun-Cantin (67.5 kgs), Jaskaran Singh (72 kgs) and Jonathan Campagnolo (HWT) won Gold Medals while Samuel Rainville won a Bronze Medal at 72 kgs.  On the Girls side Erin Rainville and Jayden Sparks finished in the Gold and Silver Medal positions at 57.5 kgs.

Jonathan Campagnolo with the Crossed-Ankles

Jayden Sparks works for position

Nataël Lebrun-Cantin prepares to engage

Stone Lewis with the pin

To cap off the busy weekend, a bulk of the Quebec clubs were in action on Saturday as CLIC, KSS, the Montreal YMHA, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire and the Riverdale Wrestling Club sent wrestlers to the Norm Bujold Rumble with the following results:

Wrestling for CLIC, Christopher Merlo won Gold at 47.5 kgs Juvenile Boys.

From KSS in the Tykes Division Karonhiaktatie Jacobs (21.1 kgs) and Tahatiniehtatihentho Stacey (30 kgs) finished with Gold Medals while in the Kids Division, Karonhiakehson Jacobs (36.8 kgs) and Iawenta:se Pinsonneault (46 kgs Bantam Girls) also won Gold as well.  Continuing on with the Bantams, Shako'nikonraketskwens Deer (55 kgs) and Kawenni'takhe Norton (50 kgs Girls) both won Silver in their divisions.  In the Juvenile/High school Division, Trinity Jacobs (57.5 kgs Girls), Stella McComber (68 kgs Girls) and Tehatokentha McComber (130 kgs) also won Silver Medals.  Rounding out the results for KSS Yakotahusatat McComber (41 kgs Bantam Girls), Kawentontie Pinsonneault (46 kgs Bantam Girls) and Dean Brascoupe (130 kgs Juvenile Boys) finished in the Bronze Medal postions.

Jordyn Goodleaf prepares to engage

The KSS Kids showing off their silverware

From the Montreal YMHA, Alexa Grimaldi took home two medals, winning a Gold at 41 kgs Open Girls and Silver at the 41 kgs High school Girls division while Alexandra Macdonald-Neves took Silver at 51 kgs High school Girls.  Finally, Sarah Black won her weight division (57.5 kgs High school Girls) by taking home a Gold medal while Vincent Renaud finished off with a Bronze at 64 kgs High school Boys.

Alexa Grimaldi vs. Yakosahusatat Mccomber

Vincent Renaud goes for the pin

Wrestling for the Patriotes de St-Cesaire, there were many athletes competing across the various age groups.  In the Tykes Division, Ionas Priftakis won Gold at 27.7 kgs while in the Kids Division, the results were the following: Jeremy Préfontaine (31 kgs), Rose Forgues (40 kgs Girls) and Cédric Barrière (52 kgs) all won Gold Medals.  Taking home a Silver Medal was Ezekiel Germain (35 kgs) while Gabriel Massé won a Bronze Medal at 29.7 kgs.  In the Novice Division, Malik Ostiguy won Gold at 33 kgs while Eleonore Lacasse took home the Bronze Medal at 30 kgs Girls.  In the Bantam Division, Cazian Comeau-Elman (36 kgs), Nathan Rainville (43 kgs), Isaac Lacasse (61 kgs) and Emile Forgues (68 kgs) all won Gold in their respective divisions while Jacob Jutras (43 kgs) and Nathan Germain (48 kgs) took home Silver Medals.  Rounding out the results for the Bantams was William Alexandre-Ostiguy who placed third at 36 kgs.  In the Cadet Division, Yann Heymug (64 kgs) and Raphaël Hardy (72 kgs) won Gold Medals while Olivier Paré (47.5 kgs) and Camille Dubuc (61 kgs Girls) placed second in their respective divisions.


Camille Dubuc

Finally from the Riverdale Wrestling Club wrestling in the Kids Division Kaylie Shiwprasad (56 kgs Girls) won Gold while Anisha Dickson (42 kgs Girls) also won Gold Medal in the Novice Division.  Congratulations to all our athletes for their hard earned results on this busy past weekend!


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