The GMAA All Star Meet

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The GMAA (Greater Montreal's Athletic Association) held their annual wrestling showcase, the All-Star Meet at Heritage Regional Highschool in St-Hubert on Thursday February 8th 2018.  The All Star Meet features some of the best athletes from the GMAA or the English Montreal High School league as they face off against one another in a dual-meet.  The format of the meet pits the defending GMAA Champs from the previous year against the assembled All Stars made up from wrestlers from other schools in the Boys Division and the same format in the Girls Division.  Matches follow UWW rules and are divided into two rounds of three minutes.  For the Boys, Loyola High School, the defending GMAA Champs faced off against the GMAA All Stars and the results were as follows:

The two sides face off!

Your All Star and Defending Champs!

And the handshake.......Let's do this!

79 lbs Thomas Donnelly (LOY) vs. Nathan Rainville (ESPGO)Winner Nathan Rainville

87 lbs Void vs. Anonkwaienton Delormier (KSS)Winner Anonkwaienton Delormier

95 lbs Matthew Brodeur (LOY) vs. Bruce Nadeau (VMC): Matthew Brodeur

103 lbs Nicholas Saldanha (LOY) vs. Nathan Germain (ESPGO): Winner Nathan Germain

111 lbs Jordan Assali (LOY) vs. Robert Emblem (LOY): Winner Robert Emblem

119 lbs Elio Cariglia (LOY) vs. Deven Glover (BA): Winner Deven Glover

126 lbs Andrew Boyer (LOY) vs. Simon Gaudreault (ESPGO): Winner Simon Gaudreault

132 lbs Jonathan Chevrier (LOY) vs. Nicholas Kaufman (SHS):  Winner Nicholas Kaufman

138 lbs Kevin Griffin (LOY) vs. Stone Lewis (HRHS): Winner Stone Lewis

145 lbs Liam Wozny (LOY) vs. Yann Heymug (ESPGO): Winner Yann Heymug

153 lbs David Mancini (LOY) vs. Vincent Renaud (VMC): Winner David Mancini

163 lbs Cole Griffin (LOY) vs. Antoine Coté (ESDM): Winner Antoine Coté

175 lbs Paris Thomas (LOY) vs. Tharonhienhawitha Cross (KSS): Winner Paris Thomas

189 lbs Nick Bates (MVHS) vs. Mathis Rainville (ESPGO): Winner Mathis Rainville

 207 lbs Nicholas Cross (LOY) vs. Dean Brascoup (KSS):  Winner Dean Brascoup

 HWT Void vs. Tehotakhntha McComber (KSS): Winner Tehotakhntha McComber

Final Score          Loyola 15          All-Stars 48

The Girls walkout to face their opponents!

The All Stars

And the Defending Champs

For the Girls, KSS the defending GMAA Champs faced off against the GMAA All Stars in a tight and very competitive dual-meet.  The results were as follows:

87 lbs Yakosahusatat Mccomber (KSS) vs. Void: Winner Yakosahusatat Mccomber

95 lbs Sara White (KSS) vs. Zia Turbide (HRHS): Winner Sara White

103 lbs Jordyn Goodleaf (KSS) vs. Faatimah Douglas (BA): Winner Faatimah Douglas

111 lbs Kawennihtakhe Norton (KSS) vs. Makesha Walker (BA): Winner Makesha Walker

119 lbs Iawentase Pinsoneault (KSS) vs. Alex MacDonald-Neves (VMC): Winner Alex MacDonald-Neves

126 lbs Void vs. Sarah Black (BA): Winner Sarah Black

132 lbs Winter Goodleaf (KSS) vs. Void: Winner Winter Goodleaf

138 lbs Void vs. Camille Dubuc (ESPGO): Winner Camille Dubuc

145 lbs Void vs. Alessandra Laurieri (VMC): Winner Alessandra Laurieri

163 lbs Stella McComber (KSS) vs. Alicia Sayers (BA): Winner Stella McComber

175 lbs Kya Hemlock (KSS) vs. Jade Swan (BA): Winner Jade Swan

189 lbs Wenhniseriiostha Goodleaf (KSS) vs. Void: Winner Wenhniseriiostha Goodleaf

Final Score          KSS 28          All-Stars 29

It should be noted that in the dual-meet format, voids count as wins for their side and help to score points for their team score.  The All Stars on the Boys side proved to be a formadible opponent for the Defending Champions as the cruised to a 48-15 victory while on the Girls side, things proved to be more evenly matched as the All Stars eked out a 29-28 victory.  Congratulations to all the All Stars as your selection is proof of all the hard work that you've put in so far this year.

School name abreviations:

BA: Beurling Academy

ESDM: École Secondaire de Mortagnes

ESPGO: École Secondaire P.G. Ostiguy

HRHS: Heritage Regional High School

KSS: Kahnawake Survival School

LOY: Loyola High School

MVHS: Massey Vanier High School

SHS: Selwyn House High School

VMC: Vincent Massey Collegiate



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