The UNB Open and the Western Invitational 2018

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January finished off with three tournaments at the high school and university levels on Saturday January 27th.  Concordia University, Heritage Regional High School, the Montreal YMHA, les Patriotes de St-Cesaire and Vanier College sent athletes to the UNB Open in Fredericton New Brunswick, the Eastern Canadian Championships and the Western Invitational in London Ontario.

Erin Rainville

Ilie Dragoman with the double-leg takedown 

At the University of New Brunswick, the tournament began with the UNB Open competition as athletes from Concrodia, the Montreal YMHA and Vanier College wrestled against other athletes from the University of New Brunswick and other clubs from Eastern Canada and the United States.  From Concordia University, Sam Barmish and (76 kgs) Frederique Choquette (125 kgs) both won Gold in their divisions while from the Montreal YMHA Sam Garland also won Gold at 68 kgs.  Finishing off with a Silver medal from the Montreal YMHA was Jeremy Poirier at 100 kgs.  Finally from Vanier College, Alexia Sherland (67 kgs Women) and Julien Choquette (90 kgs) both won Gold Medals while Raheem Rahamatulla finished second at 72 kgs to cap off a successful weekend at the UNB Open.

Jonathan Campagnolo works par-terre

Julien Choquette with the outside leg-trip

In the the high school competition known as the Eastern Canadian Championships, from Heritage Regional High School, Stone Lewis won Gold at 62 kgs while from the Montreal YMHA Sorin-Junior Iordache (50 kgs Bantam and  50 kgs Cadet), Jason Luneau (58 kgs), Sorin-Antonio Iordache (73 kgs) and Ilie Dragoman (75 kgs) also came home with Gold Medals.

Jeremy Poirier with goes for the double leg

Nataël Lebrun-Cantin with the takedown

From les Patriotes de St-Cesaire, Rose Forgues (32 kgs Kids), Nathan Rainville (38 kgs Bantam), Émile Forgues (69 kgs Bantam) and Mathis Rainville (83 kgs Cadet) all won Gold Medals while finishing off with Silver Medals were Cazian Comeau-Elman (38 kgs Bantam), Jacob Jutras (42 kgs Bantam), Yann Heymug (62.5 kg Cadet), Camille Dubuc (63 kgs Cadet Girls) and Raphaël Hardy (75 kgs Cadet).  Finally finishing off with Bronze Medals were Nathan Germain (50 kgs Bantam) and Olivier Paré (50 kgs Cadet).

Sam Barmish with the shoulder throw

Sorin-Junior Iordache with the gutwrench

Rounding out the results from Vanier College for the Eastern Canadian Championships were, Jayden Sparks (52 kgs), Erin Rainville (56 kgs), Nataël Lebrun-Cantin (63 kgs), Sam Rainville (69 kgs) and Jonathan Campagnolo (100 kgs) who all finsiehd with Gold Medals Jaskaran Singh (69 kgs) and Julien Choquette (100 kgs) both finished second.

At the University of Western Ontario Open, Concordia University, the Montreal YMHA and Vanier College sent athletes to this university tournament with very strong results.  From Concordia University, Jade Dufour (51 kgs women), Kaya Dube Snow (55 kgs women), Christina Corecencova (63 kgs women), Francis Carter (65 kgs), Guseyn Ruslanzada (72 kgs), Aaron Orszak (76 kgs), Alex Moore (82 kgs) and Jordie Steen (100 kgs) all finished first in their respective divisions while Laurence Beauregard finished second at 59 kgs women and Amanda Savard was third at 67 kgs women.

Wrestling for the Montreal YMHA, Veronica Keefe (72 kgs women) won Silver and Scott Schiller (68 kgs) won Bronze.  Finally from Vanier College, Aly Barghout (120 kgs) all won Gold in his weight divisions.  Congratualtions to all our Quebec athletes for their hard-earned resutls on this very busy weekend.

For the complete results from the Western Invitational, click here.


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