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On Wednesday June 28th, the final spot for the 2017 Canada Games was contested at Centre Claude Robillard.  At 65 kgs, Samuel Rainville of the Patriotes des St-Cesaire faced off against Ayoub Ben-Chariff and Cesar Toma from CLIC.  After a tough series of matches, Samuel Rainville emerged victorious and will represent Quebec this summer at the Canada Games in Winnipeg.

The final Canada Games Roster

Girls Team

40 kgs

Alexa Grimaldi VMC - Montreal YMHA

48 kgs

Alexandra Macdonald-Neves VMC - Montreal YMHA

52 kgs

Sarah Black Beurling Academy

56 kgs

Erin Rainville Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire - Heritage Regional High School

60 kgs 

Tiakotierohnton Diabo KSS

64 kgs

Kennikahontesha Norton-Montour KSS

69 kgs

Stella McComber KSS

74 kgs

Marilou Boulanger Beurling Academy

84 kgs

Wehnhiseriiostha Goodleaf KSS


Jason Chen Montreal YMHA 

Peter Montour KSS

Boys Team

44 kgs

Christopher Merlo CLIC

48 kgs

Marius Samson Montreal YMHA

52 kgs

Jason Luneau Montreal YMHA

56 kgs

Nicolae Grandrabura Montreal YMHA

60 kgs

Natael Lebrun-Cantin Montreal YMHA

65 kgs

Samuel Rainville Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire - Heritage Regional High School

70 kgs

Jaskaran Singh Vanier College

76 kgs

Kye Diabo KSS

85 kgs

Julien Choquette Vanier College - Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire

98 kgs

Jonathan Campagnolo Vanier College 


Martine Dugrenier Montreal YMHA

Mark-Anthony Roache Montreal YMHA


Dominique Choquette Les Patriotes de St-Cesaire



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