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March 2015

Finally in the Month of March, we have the Junior-Senior National Championships.  The Junior-Senior Championships showcased many of the clubs from Quebec with many representatives taking home medals from Junior and Senior Men’s Championships as well as the Junior and Senior Women’s and Greco-Roman.  Clubs that participated in the Championships were the CLIC, KSS, Montreal-YMHA, TWA and QWA.

For the full results of the Freestyle Junior competition, click here.

For the full results of the Freestyle Senior competition, click here.

For the full results of the Greco-Roman Junior-Senior competition, click here.


Individual standouts in the Junior Divison had Laura Minns of QWA placing 4th at the 59 kg womens division and Therese El-Lati of Montreal-YMHA taking the Silver Medal in the 82 kg category.

The Junior men had more representation as there were many medal winners and top 6 finishers.  Both Karanvir Singh and Francis Carter of Montreal-YHMA placed 4th at the 60 kg and 66 kg categories respectively.  Guseyn Ruslanzada also of Montreal-YMHA captured the Bronze Medal at 66 kg.  Frederique Choquette of the Les Patriotes placed 4th and the lone representative of TWA, Angus Cowell took a Silver Medal also at 96 kg. Nolan Terrance of KSS rounded out the Junior Medal haul by taking a Silver Medal at 120 kg.  Congratulations to our Quebec Junior Wrestlers on a strong outing!

In the Senior Division, there was also a strong showing from the province of Quebec.  Liz  Sera of Montreal-YMHA placed 5th in the 58 kg Womens Division while Dorothy Yeats of TWA was the sole Gold Medal winner for Quebec, winning the 69 kgs Womens Division.  Other medal winners in the Senior Womens category include Veronica Keefe of Montreal-YMHA placing 3rd at 75 kg and Therese El-Lati taking another Silver Medal at the 82 kg divison.

For the Men from the Montreal-YMHA, James Mancinni placed 6th while Vince De Marinnis placed 2nd at the 61 kg category.  Moving on, Scott Schiller also placed 6th at 65 kg and Cleo Ncube placed 4th at 74 kg.  Matthew Millar of TWA captured the Silver medal at the Mens 86 kg division while Ali El-Rekabi took home a Bronze Medal for the Montreal-YMHA. 

In Greco-Roman, Nick Wilson of QWA took a Bronze Medal at 66 kg while John Yeats of TWA took home a Silver Medal at 74 kg.  Kenneth Kaczkowski of QWA (84 kg), Angus Cowell of TWA (96 kg) and Nolan Terrence of KSS (120 kg) all won Gold Medals at the Junior level.

In the Senior Greco-Roman Division, Quebec took the top two medals at 75 kg with Ghenadie Balaur of Riverdale beating Phil Barreiro of TWA.  Kenneth Kaczkowski of QWA, wrestling at 80 kg and Tom Barreiro of TWA wrestling at 85 kg were Gold Medal winners while Angus Cowell of TWA rounded out the top five results by placing 5th at 98 kg. 


Therese El-Lati

Ali El-Rekabi

March 19th 2015
Francis Carter of Vanier College was the recpient of the Banque Nationale's Fondation d'Excellence recognizing strong performances in both academics and athletics.  The recpients of the scholarship must be registered in Quebec educational institute and be between the ages of 14 to 24.















The Banque Nationale Team

March 21st 2015

Cleo Ncube was named as Wrestling Canada's Most Valuable Male Athlete for the competitive year of 2014.  Cleo's  victory at the Canadian Championships as well as his Top 5 placing at the 2014 World Championships helped garner him this award.  Congratualtions Cleo on your fine accomplishment!


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